??? Mystery Rashes ???

Dr. Wong is highly regarded by her medical colleagues for her sixth sense in deciphering “mystery rashes”. Sometimes a skin problem is not the actual problem. There are medical diseases that may initially present with only skin abnormalities such as brittle fingernails, hair loss, itchy skin or a “funny –looking” rash; but in actuality are clues to an underlying serious medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated.

“The art of dermatology is keeping your mind open to the possibilities that are presented when examining a patient’s skin. I’ve seen what appeared to be a routine dermatitis, which, in fact, turned out to be an important clue that the patient had an internal malignancy. When the cancer was removed, the dermatitis disappeared. I find it extremely rewarding when I can help someone under such circumstances.“

~ Patricia Wong, MD

Patricia Wong, M.D