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ulthera logoPlastic surgery has long been the traditional solution for improving wrinkled, saggy faces and necks due to aging. However, there is now a new therapeutic option that is noninvasive and without the complications associated with surgery. It is Ultherapy®: an ultrasonic face and neck lifting treatment.

Approved in September 2009 by the FDA, Ultherapy®: precisely focuses ultrasound waves into the skin’s deepest connective tissue layers. The ultrasound energy heats and tightens collagen as well as activates your own cellular regenerative response to produce new, healthy collagen. The treatment leaves the skin surface undisturbed. The collagen foundation of the face and neck is firmed and tightened during the next 3 months. Clinically, these changes will manifest as an improvement in skin tone, elasticity, and firmness. The result is a natural and youthful appearing facial and neck lifting.

Ultrasound is a well-established modality that has been used for decades in the medical world. It has been employed in a variety of ways, from imaging studies of the abdomen and pelvis to physical therapy treatments for healing tissue injuries. Ultherapy® uses this time honored technology in an exciting new way: to visualize beneath the skin surface the fibromuscular foundation layer and precisely direct placement of acoustic energy into this layer. This identical tissue plane is surgically tightened by plastic surgeons in a face or neck lift.

Ulthera® is ideal for faces and necks with mild to moderate laxity. Treatment takes about 60-90 minutes depending on the areas treated. There is virtually no downtime.

“The following photographs are of individuals who received one Ulthera treatment. The “after” photos have been taken 3 months later. This is the time interval, which the maximal collagen response to the treatment is fully appreciated.”

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In an FDA clinical trial, 8 out of 10 patients had a noticeable, significant lifting in the areas treated. There was improved definition of the jaw and neck contour, reduced laxity on the eyelids and a more open youthful look to the eyes. Although Ulthera® is not a replacement for plastic surgery, currently it is the only noninvasive treatment that tightens skin and stimulates collagen production using ultrasound technology. Treatments can be customized to treat all skin types. There may be some mild temporary redness and swelling immediately after treatment. Make-up can be applied if desired and normal activities can be resumed without restrictions.

The following are actual patients treated by Dr. Patricia Wong

Ulthera treatment

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