What is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is a new unique injectable filler that was approved by the U.S. FDA in 2009 for stimulating one’s own collagen production to refill facial volume losses that occur with aging. It is made up of poly-L lactic acid, which is the same substance that has been used for many years in dissolvable surgical sutures. Poly-l lactic acid is safe and is absorbed naturally by the body as it stimulates the tissues to replace lost collagen. Sculptra® gradually rebuilds the structural foundation of the skin, restoring the look of fullness to shallow and deep wrinkles that are collagen depleted.

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Where Where Should Sculptra® Be Used and Why?

As time passes, there is a progressive loss of fat and thinning of the protein and collagen lattice structure in the deep layers of the skin. This results in a gradual elongation of the face, loss of elasticity, deepening of lines and the appearance of wrinkles. The face begins to resemble a deflated balloon as the cheeks become concave and hang down over the tissues around the mouth causing the corners of the mouth to droop and deepening perioral lines. As the tissue padding in the temples disappear, these areas become sunken and create a gaunt, emaciated look. These changes can be corrected with a series of Sculptra® injections administered over 3-6 months.

How Long Does Sculptra® Last?

Sculptra® can last up to 2 years. It works gradually in a series of treatments. An average of 3-4 injection sessions administered at 4-6 weeks intervals are needed for satisfactory clinical improvement. Individual results and treatment sessions may vary.

Are the Treatments Painful?

There is minimal discomfort associated with the injections because Sculptra® is reconstituted with anesthetic. Temporary redness, swelling, and bruising may occur but resolves spontaneously over time. These side effects are associated with any injectable fillers.

Can Sculptra® Be Used With Other Dermal Fillers?

Sculptra® is a wonderful new option for facial rejuvenation. It helps rebuild the deep collagen foundation in the sub-dermal layer of the skin, strengthens tissue support, restores elasticity, and firms the skin. It can be combined with other more superficial fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Perlane®. The latter still have a place in correcting finer lines and wrinkles in the upper dermal levels of the skin. The best way to decide which filler is appropriate for your face is to make an appointment to see Dr. Wong for an aesthetic evaluation. She will make recommendations tailored

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