skin cancer detection

Comprehensive Skin Screening for Melanoma & Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers

Dr. Wong's comprehensive skin exam is a thorough evaluation of all your skin; starting with your scalp and ending with the bottom of your feet. She uses an incident light magnification system known as epiluminescence microscopy to visualize in detail the pigment patterns of your moles and skin growths.

If you have had 3 or more sunburns, have 40 or more moles present, have a family history of melanoma, have a past history of skin cancer, have blue or green eyes, red or blond hair you are at increased risk for skin cancer and should have an annual skin examination.

Unlike other organ systems in the body, skin cancer is usually asymptomatic. The only clue to a skin cancer is often only a change in the appearance (color, shape, size) of the skin lesion. It is not advisable to seek medical evaluation only when bleeding or pain develops. This may result in the skin cancer being diagnosed at an advanced stage, making it more difficult or impossible in some cases to cure.